Patrice Bonneyrat Long Bio, biography”

Patrice Bonneyrat studied movie production and set design in his native country of France where he worked as a production assistant for various TV programs (Mistral’s Daughter) and numerous short films as production coordinator. He also produced and directed a documentary about a famous French sculptor and for a year wrote and hosted an hour long weekly radio program about the entertainment industry. Patrice served in the army and worked at the Communication and Audiovisual Production Company for the Department of Defense as an audiovisual specialist and film operator, editing and maintaining the archives.

Patrice Bonneyrat came to the United States twenty-eight years ago to improve his knowledge in performing and visual arts and began working at the Denver Center Theater Company in the set design department. He moved on to work for KRMA-TV PBS Channel 6 in the graphics and production department where he built and painted sets for several shows.  He also worked independently for various TV series, including the 1997 ABC TV series The Shining in the production design department.

He worked as a set designer and technical director building sets for numerous theatres around the United States: the Electrical Light Theater, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities and Theater Works in Colorado, the Long Beach Theater Playhouse in California, Quincy Community Theatre in Illinois, Opera Theatre of the University of Oklahoma, Theatre West and Western Nebraska Community College in Nebraska.

Patrice worked in Hollywood as miniatures supervisor and visual effects producer for such productions as Running Red, Epicenter, Y2K and Avalanche, conceptualizing visual ideas into design with directors and creating storyboards, sketch design proposals, drafting architectural plans and designing and building miniatures. He also hired and supervised the special effects production team, managed production department financial transactions, and prepared and tracked the budget.

Through his production company, Patrice directed, wrote and produced many trailers and promotional videos, coproduced a family movie, The Heart of the Beast, shot on location in the Rockies and Los Angeles and directed, produced and edited numerous short films.

Patrice Bonneyrat continued to work in television production as a technical director for the political TV programs The Aaron Harber TV Show and also directed, produced and supervised editing of a documentary about the Anschutz Medical Campus (program aired on COMCAST Entertainment TV, KCDO-TV Channel 3, Channel 28.3 and ION Television).

In addition, Patrice taught television/broadcasting at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting, the theatre arts program at the University of Oklahoma and acting in private schools. He taught in Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. He taught students of all ages with equal success.





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