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PITCH 6:39 TV series project 


In a small town in Michigan, strange events are happening

which are disturbing the days and nights of numerous

people. The appearance of flying spheres manipulate their

emotions and carnal needs. These events intertwine with

events occurring in another realm shattering their

spiritual beliefs and pushing them to the brink of



Dans une petite ville du Michigan des évènements étranges

se manifestent et perturbent les jours et les nuits d’un

certain nombres de personnes. L’apparition de sphères

volantes manipule leurs émotions et leurs besoins charnels.

Ces évènements s’entremêlent avec des évènements survenant

dans une autre réalité, brisant leurs croyances

spirituelles et les poussant au bord de la folie.’


For Marc Vincent, it all began one night on a deserted

business route on his way to the Detroit Airport. It all

began with unusual sounds reverberating in the sky across

the land, the loss of radio and sound waves and some

strange balls of light flying in the sky. And, it all began

with that little girl, Christa Lindhammer, unconscious and

with a bullet in her stomach, stuck in a truck in a swamp.

For Tabitha Lindhammer, her fear, stress and anxiety all

began that night too.

Pour Marc Vincent, tout a commencé une nuit sur une

autoroute déserte, alors qu’il se rendait à l’aéroport de

Detroit. Tout a commencé avec des bruits inhabituels se

propageant dans le ciel, la radio qui ne transmettait plus,

et d’étranges boules de lumière volantes. Et tout a

commencé avec une camionnette s’enfonçant dans un marécage

avec une jeune fille, Christa Lindhammer, inconsciente et

blessée à l’intérieur. Pour sa mère, Tabitha Lindhammer, sa

peur, son stress et son anxiété ont également commencé

cette nuit-là.’

Patrice Bonneyrat, screenwriter of the TV pilot

“6:39”. I’m a set designer, technical director, stage

director, documentary maker, and an acting and theatre arts


Sleep paralysis and UFOs: two unrelated subjects that come

together to form the premise of my pilot.

For years I have suffered from sleep paralysis and I still

do. The symptoms of this particular disorder can be kind of

frightening. I have the feeling of being awake and also

having waking dreams. I try to wake up but I’m paralysed.

On top of that, hallucinations make the situation even more

distressing, to say the least.

The UFO phenomenona has always been fascinating to me. And

the idea of writing a story about it has been in my mind for

a very long time. I’ve read and watched everything I could

find on the subject.

My personal experience with my sleep disorder has allowed

me to develop a new approach to the UFO phenomenona in

writing my TV pilot. I’ve created a world where buried and

subconscious emotions come to life through what I call

“flying spheres”: half machine and half organic UFO’s.

As a screenwriter, the most stimulating part of writing is

when I grasp a concept that is beyond my comfort zone. And

I allowed "6:39" to transport me to this strange and

unlimited space where dreams and emotions are born.


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