Charity Shatwell was born in 1991. Raised in Harrison, Arkansas in a musical family. She loved growing up in a small town in the Natural State. Charity picked up her sister’s guitar and began to sing and play at age 11. Following those self-teachings with some that went on to include piano, bass, banjo and others. To help out her sometime struggling single Mom, she went to work for a dentist office as a file clerk at 16, and quickly picked up the skills needed to be a dental assistant. Always using this job as a way to further her musical pursuits. Learning to express herself through song, Charity, by age 16, was playing local venues with different musically inclined friends.

Music has been the driving force of her life, help bringing hope and purpose to Charity and fans alike. Traveling the globe, she developed her experience and skill as a song writer. Being asked to participate in a showcase in New York City in 2013 featuring singer/songwriters was a highlight in her career.

A New York Times best selling author whose work is being considered for a major motion picture has attached Charity’s music to her page and readers have voiced their desire to have a sound track that included it. A packed performance at a venue near Colorado Springs is a recent accomplishment. Charity is highly motivated and disciplined as both a person and performer. She has great compassion for people, and a vision to touch and change lives with the power of music.

A producer from a wellknown studio in California has recently showed interest in working with Charity as a writer. 

Charity lives and works in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where she writes and perfects her craft; “And my only wish is that this music touches your heart, as it has been poured from mine. » -Charity Shatwell”.

Some quotes from fans on Charity Shatwell’s Sound Cloud page:


“I fell in love with Addison Moore’s book, Someone to Love and found your music through the link on her website. While I haven’t read the Celestra series yet, « Candle Wax » is amazing! However, I am also obsessed with « Addiction »! (Reminds me of two characters in my own forthcoming series The Heroes of Legend). Do you have any more songs that you are working on? I can’t get enough of your beautiful voice and your music!”

Fmartinez4  “This song is as beautiful as the amazing young woman who wrote it. Charity your voice is hauntingly beautiful!”



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